Photogrammetry is the art, technology, and science of using photography to obtain information and reconstruct objects and environments in the physical world. 
By using this process, I can recreate anything in our 3D world into a 3D model that can be georeferenced for local and global mapping whether it is above or below the water. 
To view the model click the picture. Once the model loads you can pan and zoom around the models. 

Miller Lite wreck located in 165 FSW Pompano Beach, Florida. Unfinished due to diving conditions. 

Captain Dan wreck located in 115 FSW in Pompano Beach, Florida. Done in a single dive using a DPV

Okinawa wreck. Located in Pompano Beach, Fl in 60 FSW. 

RSB1 wreck. located in Pompano Beach, FL. Unfinished due to deteriorating diving conditions. 

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